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1/2023 UPATE:  WE HAVE MOVED TO SUNNY FLORIDA!! (But don't worry, we make frequent trips up to WI)

We are a small hobby kennel located in beautiful southeastern Wisconsin (NOW SOUTHWEST FLORIDA).  We are dedicated to breeding quality (not quantity) miniature bull terriers.  Temperament  and health are our first priorities, but we also strive for the true "type".  I have been a certified veterinary technician for over 20 years.  I take my dogs and puppies to work with me (we have doggy daycare) to help socialize them and expose them to new situations.  I have had many people tell me that my dogs temperaments are some of the best they have seen!!
  I got my first mini in 1999 from a breeder in Canada.  My husband wanted a standard bully which was just way to much dog for me!!  I did some research and found out they came in miniature and he was ecstatic!  So I flew to Canada so I could meet the breeder and was instantly in love!!  A few months later, we added our little girl and have not looked back!  I have found that I love to be involved in the shows and have met some of my closest friends that way! 
Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions or would like to stop over and visit my dogs.  I feel you should meet these guys before you commit to buy one.  This is not the breed for everyone!  They are a true terrier and can be a handful.  Please make sure if you are considering this breed, you do your research.  Contact different breeders, visit a few shows, know what you are getting into before you just buy!!  Also, this breed is still considered a rare breed with only about 150 puppies registered each year.  So you do not always get one as soon as you decide you want one.  I waited a little over a year for my first one and then several months for my second.  You will most likely be placed on a waiting list of the breeders and be contacted when a puppy that will fit your family is born.  Beware of the "bargain priced" minis as well.  This breed generally costs $2500-$3500.  If it is too much less then that, generally the breeder has not done all the thorough health testing.  Ask the breeder lots of questions and ask to see health test results.  If they cannot provide them, do not buy!!
Again, please feel free to call me with any questions or if you would like to be placed on my waiting list!  Thanks and enjoy looking at my site!!

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