7/14/2023: We are expecting puppies!

12/20/2020:  I am very sorry for not keeping this page more updated.  Much like many others, I have had a very tough 2020.  I lost my husband suddenly and very unexpectedly in March and things have be spiraling ever since.  On a good note, I have had some very exciting litters.  I can not wait until things get back to normal and we can get out and show on a more regular basis.  I finished another of my bred-by pups (Sully) and we have just bred him to Darla for her last litter.  We will find out after Christmas whether it took or not for pups to be born in early February.  We are also planning another litter to be bred next month.  I hope to update this page more regularly but don't hesitate to email if you have questions!  

6/18/16:  We have our 5th Bred-by champion!!  Dori (CH Kenron's Welcome To The Future) finished her AKC championship today!! 

5/28/16:  Had a great show weekend in Bloomington, IL today!  Simone (Kenron's Sweet Little Something at Valentino) was in her very first show.  She was in the 4-6 month puppy match and she was BEST IN SHOW puppy!!!!  Not a bad way to start her show career!!!

1/7/16:  Been awhile since we have updated this page!  But today, we welcomed 2 beautiful girls out of Alyce and Dash (Violet's brother - GCh Kenron's Hit The Ground Running).  Both are doing great!

7/22/14:  Ultrasound confirmed we are expecting a litter in about 2 weeks.  Watch for updates!

7/7/14:  Alyce, mated to Vodka, had her first litter today.  She had 2 pups naturally, but sadly, one did not make it.  She is now the proud mama of a beautiful tri boy.  Both mom and pup are doing great!

5/8/14:  Ayla had her last liter today mated to Vodka.  She had 3 girls and 1 boy.  All are well!!

3//14: We had a good weekend in St Louis!  Vodka took select dog 2 of the 4 days for 10 points towards his grand championship!  Next show is April 15th....

2/26: We had Vodka's first litter born today!  Jessica Croninger (Madhouse Miniature Bull Terriers) trusted us with Poppy (Violet's full litter sister) to have a litter with Vodka.  She had 6 beautiful boys and all are doing great!!

12/24/2013:  Well, seems we kinda got behind this year!!  But we are back on track now and hope to keep everything updated in 2014!!  We are currently doing a breeding so hopefully we will be having pups soon!!  Stay tuned....

3/10: Neenah (bred to Olten- Anirella's Smart Alec) had 6 beautiful babies today via c-section.  3 boys 3 girls.  All are doing wonderful and Neenah is being a great mom!

1/31: Ayla (bred to King Joe- CH Calypso's Ave Of Spades) had 5 beautiful babies today all natural birth, no c-section!  She had 2 girls and 3 boys.  Sadly we lost one of the girls to a rare twisting of the intestines;(Ayla is being a wonderful mother and all the rest of the babies are doing great!

11/10-13:  We had a GREAT weekend at our mini bull nationals in Priceville, AL this weekend!!  On Thursday, Olten got reserve winners dog.  Friday, Violet got Best of Opposite sex and then at out VH trophy show, she got Best white bitch and her littermate, Dash, won the trophy show!  Also, Neenah's daughter Rowena (Kenron's Close enought to Perfect for Patronus) got winner's bitch for a 4-point major.  On Saturday, Violet again got Best opposite sex.  Then Sunday, Olten got winner's dog for a 5-point major (his second one!!) and Violet got select bitch.  Also, Rowena got winner's bitch and Best of Winners for a 5-point major.  This was an outstanding group of dogs and I am very proud to have been reconized in such a good group!!  Congrats to all the winners!!

10/22-10/23: We were in Springfield, IL this weekend and Neenah went winner's bitch both days for 2 4-point majors to fininsh her championship!!  Congrats Kim on your new AKC champion girl!!

8/28: We were in Illinois the weekend where Violet took Best of Breed to finish her Grand Championship!!  Yeah!

4/17:  We were in Steel City this weekend and Olten got his first points, a 3-point major!!  Thanks to judge Jon Cole!  Also congrats to Emily, Chris, and Jen for Oso's first points (at his very first show!!), a 4-point major!!

3/17-3/20: We had our specialty show this weekend in Loiusville, KY and it turned out really great for our kennel!  On Thursday, Dash (CH Kenron's Hit the Ground Running) took Best of Breed from a great group of minis.  Violet, his litter sister (CH Kenron's You'll Think of Me) took Best of Opposite sex.  Friday, Dash took Best of Opposite, Olten took reserve winner's dog, and Neenah (Bonsai Foolish PLeasure At Kenron) took winner's bitch for a 3-point major.  Saturday, Dash again took Best of Breed, Violet took Select Bitch, Olten took Reserve winner's dog, and Neenah took winner's bitch and Best of Winners for a 3-point major!  Sunday, Neenah took reserve winners bitch and Dash took Best of Opposite.  It was a great weekend and it was also great to see all of our good friends! Congrats to all the other winner's from the weekend including Kimarie Wolf who finished her first bred-by CH, Ace! 

2/12-2/13:  We were in Indianapolis, IN this weekend.  It turned out really great!  We finished our second bred-by baby and she finished the exact same way as our first bred-by!  She went Best of Breed over specials to finish with a major!  I am very proud of my girl! 

1/7/11: We were awarded "Breeder of Merit" by AKC!

12/31/10:  Neenah had 7 puppies today! 5 boys and 2 girls.  Sadly we lost one but the rest are doing great!  See available page for details!

9/18-9/19: We were in Lebanon, IN this weekend where Violet picked up another point Sat and Neenah took the point on Sun.  Ayla also went BOB both days!  Violet only needs 3 more points to be our 2nd bred-by champion!  We are off the Nationals in PA in for the results.

4/16/10: Baby news!!  Kanga had 6 beautiful healthy pups on Friday.  All went very well and they are all doing great!  She had 3 boys and 3 girls.  See the available page for pictures!

3/18-3/21: WOW!!  A BIG weekend for us! We just came home from our Kentuckiana specialy and here are the results! FRI: Violet=Winners bitch and Best of winners for a 4-point major.  Ayla=Best of Breed over a wonderful class of specials!!  SAT: Violet again took WB and BOW for another 4-point major and Ayla recieved and Award of Merit!  SUN: Violet took reserve WB .  It was a great weekend!! We also want to congratulate all the other winners including Emily Held and Chris Korn of Ruffshaad for Mack's WD Major, and Shelby's Award of Merit and Best Op Sex 2x!!  Congrats!  And to Giselle Simond's and the Flaughs and Julie Grider's Bella for getting her major on sun! To Karen Toland's Ringo for his BOB on Sun!  We had a great weekend and it is always fun to see everyone!!
3/5-3/6/10: Big news this weekend!  We were in West Allis this weekend where Kanga took 2 3-point majors!  This was great because she now became our new champion!!  We are so excited to finally finish her!  She has also just been bred to Madhouse Somekind of Wonderful.  We will find out next week if she took or not for pups to be due at the end of April.  Thank you so much to Jessica for the use of this great boy, Turk!!  Watch for updates on this exciting litter.....

10/17/09: We were in Springfield, IL this weekend and had the BEST weekend!!  Ayla finished her championship out of the Bred-by class!!  THEN she went on to take Best Of Breed over 2 of the top specials to make her finish with a 5-point major!!  I am so pround of my girl!!  Neenah also took Reserve on Friday (her very first show) and Kanga took reserve on Sunday!

10/1/09: Pups are 8 weeks tomorrow and are going to be leaving soon=( There are still 2 boys and 1 girl available to approved homes!

9/12-9/13: We were down in Lebanon, IN this weekend.  Ayla took winner's bitch on Saturday and her half-sister "Ginger", owned by Envision/Registan, took winner's on Sunday!  Mack (owned by Emily and Chris of Ruffshaad Mini's) took WD on Saturday.  Also Shelby (owned by Emily and Chris of Ruffshaad Mini's) took BOB and a Group 3 on Sunday!  Makie (formerly Rockstar) owned by Paula and Leeman, took WD and BOS for a 4-point major and his first points!! (See his picture on Rockstar's page and below!!) Conrgrats to everyone!!!  This also puts Ayla only 3 single points from being a finished champion! 

8/10: We went down to Racine show today where Ayla took her 2nd major!  (Picture below!)

8/7: Kanga had 7 beautiful healthy babies today!  She had 4 white boys, (one w/ a red patch on his face), 1 red and white girl, 1 brindle and white girl, and 1 white girl.  Mom and babies are doing great!

7/1: Ultrasound confirmed that we are having puppies!!  They are due the 2nd weekend in August.  Stay tuned for details!

6/16/27-6/28: We were in West Bend this weekend and Kanga took reserve winners on Saturday and Winners Bitch on Sunday for a 4-point major! Thanks judge Norman Patton for this win!  Congrats to Emily Held and Chris Korn for Cooper's 2nd major on Saturday!  Way to go guys!

6/14: We went to Grayslake this weekend and Ayla took Best Puppy, Winners Bitch, and Best of Breed! Kanga took reserve winner both days. We are so proud of our girls! Congrats to Katy also for her win on Sunday with Olive!!

6/9/09: Kanga was just bred to Ch Schardale Mystery Star (owned by Donly Chorn) If she takes, we will have puppies in early August. Stay tuned for news from the ultrasound in about 1 month.

5/25/09: Kanga took winner's bitch for another 2 points in Bloomington, IL. She also took reserve winners on Sunday.
5/25/09 : Ayla had a GREAT weekend in Bloomington, IL this weekend!! She took reserve winners bitch under judge Desmond Murphy, then took winners bitch and best of winners for a 3-point major under judge Jan Dykema, and then winners bitch for another 2 points under judge Carl Pew!! These were her first points and her second show. She did great and we are very proud of her. Thanks so much to the judges for reconizing this great girl!!